1. Various shapes of tools
Shape Tool
Conical Point
Moil Point
/Pyramidal Point
Asphalt cutter
Ramming tool
/Beam cap
Shape Tool
Blunt End
  2. The right tool for each jobs
No Tool Application
1) Conical point For all demolition work, i.e. masonry, concrete etc
2) Moil point
/Pyramidal point
On special hard rock or reinforced concrete, this tool is most used and is generally suitable for splitting. however, it can not break an object into pieces at a blow as a blunt tool does. Further, as it may slip during hammering, hammering must be performed with the point stabilized.
3) Chisel / Wedge For all demolition work with additional cutting work. It is generally used for civil engineering work and it is also suitable for splitting and used for breaking flat rocks.
4) Blunt end On rocks other than excessively hard rocks, this tool is most used. As the end is flat / blunt, locating the tool on an object to be broken is easier and the the tool seldom slips during hammering.
5) Asphalt cutter General use with additional cutting section cutting asphalt or soft material
6) Ramming tool
/Beam cap
Beating in poles and pipes produced according to request
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  This list contains our standard program. Further tools are available upon request.
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