Korea Heavy Machinery's technology gurarantees a high profit to the customers.

  Benefits from ---
The machine is the attachment used in
various excavators.

The machine is appropriate for excavating
construction works for asphalted roads,
concrete pavements, polishing powder rocks,
weathered zones, and soft rocks in
100kg/ - 1,000kg/, where a bucket and
a breaker of an excavator have a difficulty
in performing the works.

The machine has less noises than the breaker.
Therefore, the machine supplies security and
convenience in various constructions in the
heart of Metropolis and tunnels.

The range of works :
- tunnel crown part cutting,
- polishing powder layers, weathered zone
   mining excavating,
- tunnel ground arranging,
- road slope arranging,
- underground series of walls arranging,
- asphalt, concrete repair improvements,
- center of Metropolis architecture repair
- winter farm land arranging, etc.


Technical Specification

NO Model KTC-1500 KTC-2000
1 Weight with Mounting bracket MAX. 1550kg MAX. 1850kg
2 Drum Speed 68rmp at 240L/min 45rmp at 240L/min
3 Cutting Width 740mm 740mm
4 Drum Diameter 508mm 508mm
5 Output Shaft Torque 1100kg.m 1600kg.m
6 Cutting Force 3300kg.f 4800kg.f
7 Recommended Oil value MAX.175kg/ MAX.240L/min MAX.175kg/ MAX.240L/min
8 Applicable Material Hardness MAX.300kg.f/ MAX.450kg.f/
9 Applicable Base Machine 0.6~0.9(15~28ton) 1.0~1.2kg(30~40ton)
10 Bit Type Point Attack Point Attack
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